“Describe yourself”

At some times, it seems impossible… One can have a thousand things to say, but not one word to say it.

I’m Jake – to those fond of nicknames Jakey works as well – and I am currently a student and employee of the University of Wollongong. Studying a Bachelor of Communications and Media studies I one day hope to be the marketing guy you all love when you see a really cool ad.

What else is there to say?

I started my job at UOW as a management cadet one short month ago – it’s pretty much the best thing that has ever happened to me. Before that glorious moment when I got the phone call of approval, I was a sweaty barista slave at Michel’s Patisserie in Wollongong… oh the memories. They have instilled in my mind that deep, that at work sometimes when my colleagues ask:

“How are you liking the new job?”

I nearly say:

“Would you like sugar with that?”

Each day I drive my soccer-mum Hyundai SUV to big school and park almost 2km from my office, where I am destined to spend 85% of my Uni life for the next five years (yes, I’m doing my degree part time, but before you deem me the mayor of lazy-ville, it was a requirement for the cadetship).

Fun fact: I’m italiano! (admit it, you said it with an accent)

Before you go and shove me into that profiterole-shaped stereotype – consider fun fact number two: I don’t like being put in a box.

Apparently, the world is my oyster, so why pack myself away and wait for the world sitting on a sheltered shelf?

Two years ago I hopped onto a crowded (I suffer from claustrophobia so you can imagine my excitement) plane and soared across the globe to the big boot (aka italy!) which made me realise the world is quite a large oyster – and I want to see it all!

Fun fact number three: I love to write – so one day I might have a book… emphasis on the might 

So there you have it – my name is Jake, Beyonce is my guilty pleasure (don’t pretend like you don’t love her) and I am here with you on this crazy journey…

Lets see where we end up!


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