One Beyoncé album later… everyone’s pregnant

What is the media being blamed for today?

The pressing threat lays deep within the lyrics of the next Jay-Z song, the rap, RNB and pop music that youth are listening too is encouraging underage sexual activity.

Screen Shot 2014-03-16 at 9.03.18 pm

(Source: Beyoncé – ‘Drunk in Love ft. Jay-Z’)

Today the media is blamed for underage pregnancies all across the world – so basically, if you’re listening to Kanye West right now, you should probably consider stocking up on nappies when they are on special at Coles.

Escaping sexual encouragement within the media is almost impossible yet as T-Pain’s ‘Take Your Shirt Off’ continues to rise through the music charts, so too will the rate of teenage pregnancy.

A study titled ‘Exposure to Degrading Versus Non-Degrading Music Lyrics and Sexual Behaviour among Youth’ conducted by the RAND corporation surveyed 1 461 children aged from 12 to 17 from across the US and found that “Adolescents who listened to a lot of music containing “objectifying and limiting characterisations of sexuality, progressed more quickly in their sexual behaviour” than teenagers who preferred different kinds of music. This was regardless of race or gender” (Source: Rap music blamed for teen pregnancy)

Highlighted through the Media Effects Model children and youth are prevalently described as ‘inept’ victims to the products and influences of the media, therefore, much like the belief of Albert Bandura and the Bobo doll, if Jay-Z tells 13 year old boys to “ride her …like a bus route” (Jay Z- Empire State of Mind ft Alicia Keys) then they believe, that is what they should do.

Furthermore Dr Steven Martino believes that the rap, RNB and pop music has a particularly negative effect upon young women who, by being exposed to sexually degrading themes “expect to take a submissive role in their sexual relationships and to be treated with disrespect by their partners.” (Source: Rap music blamed for teen pregnancy)

The article Rap music blamed for teen pregnancy by UK daily newspaper ‘Daily Mail’ continues to comment upon how the media is indirectly to blame for ‘bad’ parenting and parents disregard to worrying about the influences their children are exposed to. Vibe Magazine editor Danyel Smith states that she believes parents should “steer kids away from these kinds of things until they are old enough to understand them.” (Source: Rap music blamed for teen pregnancy)

As most things, the songs and their thematic concerns youth are exposed to is generally not the only reason for their actions – among the music they listen too, influences such as parental modelling, gender specific influences, role models, life style and childhood experiences each are contributing factors to the sexual encouragement of todays youth. Yet we cannot honestly deny the connection between Beyoncé singing into the ears of the youth “I just wanna be the girl you like” (Beyonce – Partition) and underage sexual intercourse.


Rap music blamed for teen pregnancy, Mail Online,  2014, Rap music blamed for teen pregnancy |Mail Online. [ONLINE] Available at: [Accessed 16 March 2014].

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  1. racheltobia says:

    This was so fab jake, loved that you used beyonce haha!

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