You want it? …Okay!

Welcome to Spotify, how may I help you?

To access over 20 million tracks worldwide, I would ask you to simply log in using your facebook account below.

Congratulations! You are now a registered Spotify user.


(Image Credit: Spotify)

As a registered user you now have access to over 20 million tracks, 1.5 billion playlists – and the perfect song for every moment.

No longer will you have to worry about skipping through your iTunes library for that one special track, or feel the frustration of wanting a song you have not yet uploaded to your iPod!

Spotify and its audience: a fluid and trusting relationship which thrives off audiences demands being met everytime!

From the beginning Spotify has enabled its users the right to create playlists, ‘star’ songs and create customised radios. Mostly free from restraint, Spotifys ability to mask the technology as unrestricted and free has been its best selling point since its release. As Spotify embraced the notion of cultural and technological convergence the platform transformed into a social phenomenon, highlighting its ability to bring communities and cultures such as Twitter, Facebook, personal blogs and music, “the universal language of mankind” (Henry Wadsworth Longfellow) together.

In 2011 these ideologies became reality – Spotify and Facebook converged to give users more freedom and access to allow the music they listen to, to flow across multiple channels. Spotify enabled its audiences and users to share a track, album or artist via Facebook, Twitter or more recently via text message. This allowed the users to converge and unite their technological identity, with Spotify, front and centre. This ability gave Spotify a new identity – one in a purely dialogic environment – facilitating and encouraging the conversation to place Spotify in the public eye as, yet again, free and unrestricted.

Spotify further rewards their users with exclusive Spotify content – ‘Spotify Sessions’ was created to grant users with access to live performances recorded especially for Spotify listeners, global artists such as Rita Ora, Little Mix, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis and John Legend are among the acts who record live renditions of their original songs to “…have some fun [with] Spotify” (Macklemore, Spotify Sessions, 2013). Yet of course, if you do not have a Spotify account – you do not have access to the sessions… This is where the subtle hint of restriction begins to form.


(Image Credit: Spotify Sessions)

As of late Janurary this year, Spotify launched the technologies capability to allow artists to sell their merchandise directly from their artist Spotify page. This new feature further highlights the rewarding abilities of technological and cultural convergence as the notion of simplicity and multiple access points generate an increased relationship and loyalty to an artist or musician.

As of early April Spotify launched their “new look” where “content is king” (Spotify Blog, 2014). The new look aimed at delivering audiences and users a better experience with the technology and Spotify believes that “we know you’ll love it.” (Spotify Blog, 2014)


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