You’re so dramatic…

The translation of television has been a big focal point within the BCM111 subject matter and the following article highlights Australia’s role in the international transaltion of drama television series with national, and now international show ‘Love/Hate’

Tonight, BBC Four will screen the first episode of Australian political drama The Code, which became something of a sensation at the television fairs earlier this year – it was sold to several territories in Europe and North and South America before it had even aired back home.

The BBC Two series The Fall – which was made in conjunction with BBC Northern Ireland – returns for a second season next month and has been snapped up by HBO Europe for viewing in at least 16 countries on the continent. It will also enjoy considerable penetration in Australasia and the Americas.

Another big-hitter in international television is the timely Israeli drama Hostages, which has already been remade (under the same) name in the US. Israel has an impressive track record when it comes to having its gritty series redone for international audiences: its acclaimed series Prisoners of War, was remade in the US as Homeland. That Emmy-winning drama, in turn, is broadcast in more than 100 countries globally, ensuring a windfall for the original Israeli creators.

Meanwhile, Scandinavian drama continues to punch above its weight internationally. After the muted response to the glossy, but vapid, Swedish series Crimes of Passion on BBC Four this summer, the network will soon broadcast the big-budget Danish historical eight-parter 1864 (which stars Borgen lead Sidse Babett Knudsen).

Love/Hate also has some way to go to match the global impact of Strumpet City, which was directed by Tony Barry from Hugh Leonard’s adaptation of the James Plunkett novel. Despite suggestions that the series was too costly to make for the cash-strapped RTE of the late 70s and early 80s, it went on to be broadcast in 52 countries and was a hit for the then fledgling Channel 4 in Britain.


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