My values are…

The BCM111 subject matter has shifted in the direction of the values of news – and when exploring this topic I came across several articles and prescriptions on what the set news values should be; in their simplest form, they are as follows:

Impact: The number of people whose lives will be influenced in some way by the subject of the story. For instance, a bakery strike may have less impact than a postal strike.

Timeliness: Recent events have higher news value than earlier happenings. Of particular value are stories brought to the public ahead of the competition. These are known as scoops.

Prominence: For the same occurrence, people in the public eye have higher news value than obscure people. For example, we cared that basketball pro Magic Johnson and actor Rock Hudson had AIDS, while an ordinary citizen with AIDS would not have commanded the attention of the national news media.

Proximity: Stories about events and situations in one’s home community are more newsworthy than events that take place far away. For example, journalists assess the value of a news item reporting tragic deaths by comparing the number of deaths with the distance from the home community. For instance

Bizarreness: A classic example of this is dog-bites-man vs. man-bites-dog. Man-bites-dog is more bizarre. Dog-bites-man usually is not news.

Conflict: Strife is newsworthy. War. Public anger or bitter disagreement over fundamental issues.

Currency: More value is attributed to stories pertaining to issues or topics that are in the spotlight of public concern rather than to issues or topics about which people care less. Stories come and stories go.


UNCP – Journalism – The seven news values held by news media gatekeepers. 2014. UNCP – Journalism – The seven news values held by news media gatekeepers. [ONLINE] Available at: [Accessed 1 October 2014].


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