The whole world, in the palm of your hand.

When I was young, I asked myself the cringe-worthy question: where do I fit in? We get to an age when we realise actually how fast the world is moving around us, the fact that while we are asleep a world war could begin or Australia could have another Prime Minister (although that would not be as shocking). As I type this I’m thinking to myself ‘this has always been how the world works, different time-zones (duhh!)’ however what has changed?

How we find out when we wake up.

This blog post is an introduction into my life and how I fit into this big-wide media world.

tumblr_inline_o0f4qx4usu1sowvuh_500(Source: Tumblr)

Let me give you a break down of my day and we can keep count of my interactions with media throughout the day; rolling around in my bed I snooze my alarm at least three times before I finally give in and keep my eyes open for a whole three seconds before opening either Instagram or Facebook on my phone (Snapchat is just too much to deal with as soon as I wake up), scrolling mindlessly through the selfies, wannabe politician rants and photos of people children I make my way over to Snapchat, open my pending snaps and scroll through some of the stories until I get bored enough and mope my way into the shower.

On way way to work I listen to Spotify on my phone and use the uniquely curated playlist ‘Discover’ which was generated based on the music I have listened to in the past week. I park my car and walk (slowly) into the office as I complete my second (sometimes third) Instagram or Facebook scroll of the day. Once I get to my desk I check my emails and read through a slightly more detailed version of the stories I found on Facebook or Snapchat and then I knuckle down and get to work.

Off I go to the bathroom, phone in hand to check if I have any messages or Snapchat’s en route. I get back to my desk and I decide I have not been as productive as I would have liked so in go the earphones and Youtube finds its way onto my screen. I pick a song and I’m back to work – but wait! There’s an ad! (oh wait that doesn’t surprise anyone anymore).

9_201_1017_zoom20redo(Source: USA Network)

Fast forward to the drive home (and at least five to ten phone scrolls later), and I listen to the Triple J radio show ‘Hack’ getting the whole story on everything my friend’s mum has been posting about on Facebook.

Fast forward to bed time (and, you guessed it, at least ten phone scrolls later), I turn on my Apple TV and press play on my new favourite TV show, Suits, (although is anything really just a TV show these days?). What?! No way!! Major cliff-hanger and I’m left sitting upright, cross-legged and phone in hand ready to google if there will be another season, phew! In the clear.

so-much-fun_scrolling-phone_cover-crop(Source: WordPress)

Why not have a final scroll on Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat before I go to b- wait, eBay, whoops bought a tshirt that’ll definitely not fit me, but I’m going to start exercising so it’ll fit soon, right? right?! Better look at some #instafit pictures before I shut my eyes so I can wake up ready to take on the world.

Total media interactions: 38

Wait. Blogging counts right?

Total media interactions: 39

Where do you fit in this big wide world? Let me know in the comments below!

Until next time,

Jake x




2 Comments Add yours

  1. lauraasheehy says:

    I kind of feel better after comparing my interaction with media thanks to your post! Such a good read to ease into the semester! Where did you find all these amazing GIFs?

    1. jaketroncone says:

      Google! I’ll be sure to check out your blog asap 🙂 enjoy blogging!

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